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The Issue

After installing any of the new cartridges mentioned above, you may notice a vibration or excessive noise coming from your printer.

In some cases, after installation of any of the toner cartridges mentioned above, your HP machine may exhibit unusual behavior. Such behavior may include abnormal noises or a vibration and/or shake from the machine. In the event that your machine is not performing as expected, please follow the steps below to remedy the issue and to restore normal operation. Please note that not all machines will be affected or show abnormal behavior.


In order to resolve the issue and to restore proper operation of your HP printer, remove the cartridge from the machine and rotate the gear counterclockwise ΒΌ turn (90 degrees). Once the gear is rotated, reinstall the cartridge into your HP machine. You should feel a slight click as the cartridge locks into place. Close the door of your HP printer. The printer should resume with normal operation.

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