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PLUGIN cartridges are available for some popular HP and Canon models, including the HP 63XL, HP 65XL, Canon 240XL / 245 XL / 246XL and more.

Just insert a cartridge plugin into the reusable printhead cradle and install into your printer. Each plugin is essentially a brand new ink tank that has been tested for performance, quality and page yield. The printhead cradle (which is an OEM  printhead) has been modified to accept the plugins, time after time, up to 3 times.

Please check these links below for the sample videos on the plugin cartridges and how to use them.

Plugin cartridges demo GIF for Canon cartridges

Plugin cartridges Demo For HP cartridges

OMG....Thank You. I feel like such of a dummy. Easy to install once you see the demo.

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See additional instructions as included with the PLUG-IN cartridges themselves:



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