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As HP recently requests consumers to upgrade firmware of HP printers using CF500's (HP 202A/X) toner cartridges through their website. New firmware version is 20201021. If Customers upgrade firmware to 20201021, current third-party toner cartridges won't be recognized on their printer. The only solution in this case is to downgrade the firmware by downloading the previous version in your printer.

You may click following link to download instruction.

1. Download instruction: 

Please Note:

As there is a chance that HP might have removed the previous version from there website as well  as they doesn't want customers to be able to use these third party cartridges by any way possible so customers might have to wait on the New Chips to be available in the market to be used with the updated version but still  you can refer to this another link attached  that we have managed to get to download the previous version- 20200612.

HP LaserJet Pro M280 M281 Printer series 20200612 firmware downgrade

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