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Unfortunately, HP has done it again! For the HP 63 / HP 63XL / HP 65 / HP 65XL ink cartridges, HP has released a "new generation" cartridge version during 2018, that replaced their "older generation" cartridge version which they released initially. 

This means that there are 2 types of "HP 63 / HP 63XL" and "HP 65 / HP 65XL" cartridges on the market:
- older generation
- newer generation

The only way to know the difference is to investigate the serial numbers. 

"newer" printers (released after May 2018) will not accept the old generation cartridges. 
This is a problem for BOTH remanufactured and HP Original cartridges.
See HP's explanation:

Here is how the error shows up on "newer generation" printers:

As far as we understand, the issue affects customers as follows:
  • All HP 63 / 63XL should work in all printers EXCEPT newer generation OfficeJet 5255 and OfficeJet 5258 (those 2 printer models will only work with "new generation" cartridges)
  • All HP 65 / 65XL should work in all printers EXCEPT newer generation  HP Deskjet 2655 and HP Envy 5055 (those 2 printer models will only work with "new generation" cartridges)

  1. Firstly, be aware of your rights as a consumer:

    - You can choose to use other brand of printers now or in the future (Canon or Epson offers comparable printers to HP, that are often are the same price as the price of a new set of HP Original cartridges)
    - If you have been a victim, you might be eligible to join the class action lawsuit. Filing closes March 2019 (https://www.hpprinterfirmwarelawsuit.com/)

  2. What we are doing about it:

    If you have bought an HP 63XL / HP 65XL cartridge from us that won't work in your printer and is giving you this "older generation" error, please contact us. We will help determine if the issue is related to the "generation" issue, and either issue you a replacement, refund or store credit. 

    For HP 63 / 63XL - as of Feb 8, 2019, we already have a new solution developed. It is called an "e-patch" or electronic patch, that we are affixing to our cartridges prior to shipping them out, that will communicate a "new generation" version to your printer.  So if you are an HP 63 customer, sending a replacement as of Feb 8, 2019 onwards will definitely solve your issue. This e-patch is quite expensive, but we are including it for FREE for our customers.

    For HP 65 / 65XL- we do not have an e-patch ready yet, but expect to have it ready by March 2019. If you have an HP 65 and are affected by this error, sending you a replacement may not work until the e-patch is ready (because it depends on how old the cartridge core is on the remanufactured cartridge that we send out), so we recommend getting a store credit which you can use for any other ink/toner cartridge needs that you have, OR if you can wait a couple of weeks we should have an e-patch out for the HP 65 soon.


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