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We do not store credit card numbers or information on file

Please note that we do NOT store credit/debit card numbers - it is discarded after each order is processed
We do not keep credit cards on file. Your browser Chrome/Edge/Explorer/Firefox/safari (not our website) may be asking you to store your credit card info in their system. Note this is not our site asking this.
We are determined to protect and maintain your privacy. We are privileged to be trusted by you and will not jeopardize that trust.

Our corporate policy is to permanently discard your Credit Card information immediately after the order. Although that is an inconvenience for you, that you have to enter the card info each and every time, it is more secure.
The more you put your information out there, the more you need to work to keep an eye on it.
So we hope you understand that it may take you time to enter your card info each time, for each purchase rather than storing that information for convenience. We prefer to keep you secure, even if it means a few seconds of slight inconvenience. We know you appreciate our care.

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