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In a previous article I wrote about how to deal with markings on the prints resulting from the printer rollers and the bottom/upper plates of the printer. In this new article we going to learn how to deal with markings resulting from the printhead which normally happens when we use a thicker paper.

All types of printers can be corrected and/or adjusted from the printer menu and I am listing the solution to all Canon and Epsons.
  1. Go to printer properties and click on maintenance
  1. Click on Custom settings

This window will open up

The print head has now moved further up to make way for thicker paper such as frosting sheets etc and will no longer touch the sheet.
On most desktop Epson printers go to the main preferences page which should look like the one below

Select Envelope as your type of paper used and choose the size of your paper from the drop down menu. In this case it is letter size. Because envelope is thicker than ordinary printing paper the print head will change its position to further away from your paper. On some models and nearly on all high end, Epson models you can adjust the print head from the main menu and click on Paper configuration
You will come to this screen

Click the platen Gap button and change it from standard to   wide    

Your printers print head will now move further away from the paper and it should not smudge your photos.   If all of the above fail
to remedy the problem in addition to cleaning the rollers from the maintenance menu you should remove the covers of the printer and manually clean all stained rollers and or plates

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