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HP has updated the firmware again on network printers that have updates enabled.
The new firmware is FDP1CN1547AR, while the older version was 1502AR for the last six characters. This effects the HP printers that take the HP 950 / HP 951 cartridges (including 950XL and 951XL).
Here is the latest on the 950/951 Chip issue that has started affecting some customers around Jan-March 2016:
1. The firmware updates will only affect you if you have have chosen the option of automatically upgrading your printer firmware. In general you should NOT pick that option whenever your printer prompts you to.
2. If you had ALREADY installed a cartridge in your printer before March 11, the upgrade will cause your printer to stop recognizing your cartridge and it will no longer print. BUT if you  replace that with a cartridge that has a NEW CHIP, or if you change the chip on your cartridge to a NEW CHIP, your cartridge will work fine again.
We have a solution!
1.  If your cartridges that are in your printer suddenly stopped printing, or are not being recognized by the printer, understand that this is due to what HP has done to cause you to be frustrated and go back to buying expensive original HP brand. If you want to continue saving money, we have the solution - a NEW CHIP.

2. Contact us and let us know about your situation, and request us to send you NEW CHIP(s) depending on how many cartridges you have. These NEW CHIPS are super easy to install, and take all but 1 minute to do. Attached are the instructions on how to replace the chip. In addition to sending you NEW CHIPS (at no cost to you), we will also issue you a 30% discount on your NEXT ORDER of remanufactured HP cartridges (1 time offer only), to prove that we care about your business and about saving you money. 


Please click here to download attachment link

Please click here to download attachment link

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