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1. Locate the “Fill Port” on your cartridge.
2. You should see a plastic ball in this “Fill Port”. Use a allen wrench, or a small screw driver
with a hammer, to gently knock the plastic ball into the cartridge.
3. Connect the needle to the syringe and fill with ink.
4. Inject about 10-15 ml. of ink into the filling hole or until the ink chamber is full. Be sure
to leave enough room in the ink chamber for the new plug, it will create pressure when
5. Seal the hole. Make sure the seal is air tight. If your plug is sticking out to much, cut it
down to size and use electrical or duct tape to help secure the plug in place.
6. Rinse the syringe with water and dry for future use, or use with a different color ink.
7. Reinsert the cartridge and run a priming cycle as per printer instructions.
Note: You may want to refer to your printer manual to turn off usage information. This
allows you to continue using your newly refilled cartridge.

See instructions and images here: www.uni-kit.com/support.htm

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