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The Jetkak Mailer works very simply - once you buy and receive the mailer, you simply put your empty cartridge in the mailer and drop it off at the post office or give it to your mailman to pick up from your home or business.  The cartridge arrives at the refill facility, is inspected, and you get back a fully filled remanufactured cartridge.  There are 4 Jetpack mailers (100, 200, 600 and 1200).  

JetPak 100 ( use for black or color cartridge)
JetPak 200 (use for black only)
JetPak 600 (use to send in any 6 black or color cartridges at one time that are accepted in the Jetpak program)
JetPak 1200 (use to send in any 12 black or color cartridges at one time that are accepted in the Jetpak program)

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The Jetpak Mailers may be used to recycle the following cartridges:
(list updated September 2011)
BROTHER PART #   CANON PART # (Cont.)   DELL PART # (Cont.)   HP PART # (Cont.)   HP PART # (Cont.)
Brother LC31 (Black)    Canon BCI-6 (Yellow)   DELL SERIES 22 BLACK   HP-10 CYAN    564 YELLOW
Brother LC31C (Cyan)    Canon BCI-6 (Photo Cyan)   DELL SERIES 22 COLOR   HP-10 MAGENTA   564XL BLACK
Brother LC31M (Magenta)    Canon BCI-6 (Photo Magenta)   DELL SERIES 23 BLACK   HP-10 YELLOW   564XL PHOTO BLACK
Brother LC31Y (Yellow)    Canon BCI-15 (Black)   DELL SERIES 23 COLOR   HP-11 CYAN   564XL CYAN
Brother LC41 (Black)    Canon BCI-15 (Color)   DELL SERIES 24 BLACK   HP-11 MAGENTA   564XL MAGENTA
Brother LC41C (Cyan)    Canon BCI-21 (Black)   DELL SERIES 24 COLOR   HP-11 YELLOW   564XL YELLOW
Brother LC41M (Magenta)    Canon BCI-21 (Tri-Color)       HP-14 BLACK    701 BLACK
Brother LC41Y (Yellow)    Canon BCI-24 (Black)   EPSON PART #   HP-14 COLOR   901 BLACK
Brother LC51B (Black)   Canon BCI-24 (Color)   7EPST044120            15 BLACK   901XL BLACK
Brother LC51C (Cyan)   Canon CLI-8 (Black)   7EPST044220           20 BLACK   901 COLOR
Brother LC51M (Magenta)   Canon CLI-8 (Cyan)   7EPST044320            21 BLACK   920XL COLOR
Brother LC51Y (Yellow)   Canon CLI-8 (Magenta)   7EPST044420           21XL BLACK   920 BLACK
Brother LC61B (Black)   Canon CLI-8 (Photo Cyan)   7EPST048120            22 TRI-COLOR   920 CYAN
Brother LC61C (Cyan)   Canon CLI-8 (Photo Magenta)   7EPST048220             23 TRI-COLOR   920 MAGENTA
Brother LC61M (Magenta)   Canon CLI-8 (Yellow)   7EPST048320             26 BLACK   920 YELLOW
Brother LC61Y (Yellow)   Canon CLI-36 (Color)   7EPST048420             27 BLACK   920XL BLACK
Brother LC65B High Yield (Black)    Canon CLI-41 (Tri-Color)   7EPST048520             29 BLACK   920XL CYAN
Brother LC65C High Yield (Cyan)    Canon CLI-221 (Black)   7EPST048620           45 BLACK   920XL MAGENTA
Brother LC65M High Yield (Magenta)    Canon CLI-221 (Cyan)   7EPST054020            49 TRI-COLOR   920XL YELLOW
Brother LC65Y High Yield (Yellow)    Canon CLI-221 (Gray)   7EPST054120            54 BLACK   940XL BLACK
Brother LC75BK (Black)   Canon CLI-221 (Magenta)   7EPST054220             56 BLACK   940XL CYAN
Brother LC75C (Cyan)   Canon CLI-221 (Yellow)   7EPST054320             57 COLOR   940XL MAGENTA
Brother LC75M (Magenta)   Canon CLI-226 (Black)   7EPST054420             58 PHOTO   940XL YELLOW
Brother LC75Y (Yellow)   Canon CLI-226 (Cyan)   7EPST054720            60 BLACK    
Brother LC79BK (Black)   Canon CLI-226 (Magenta)   7EPST054820            60XL BLACK   KODAK EasyShare PART#
Brother LC79C (Cyan)   Canon CLI-226 (Yellow)   7EPST054920             60 COLOR   Kodak 3J8965 (Black)

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