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Around Nov 10 - 25, 2017, Epson has once again attempted to block printer owners from using third-party cartridges from functioning correctly, causing a number of ‘Cartridge Problem’ errors.

Epson pushed an update to many users printers via the internet / firmware update, causing them to show errors such as cartridge not recognized, cartridge damaged, and related errors. 

Cartridge models affected may include the Epson T200, T220, T252 and more Epson inkjet cartridge models.

This was done by Epson to cause printer owners to be frustrated with remanufactured cartridges and to get you to buy only Original cartridges! We are on your side and are working on a solution!

We have discovered this issue on 11/27/2017 and are actively working on a solution to affected Epson printer owners. If you have been affected, please contact us but give us a few days to provide you with a solution. Returning the cartridges will cause more frustration and delays, as we expect to have a solution for you within days so you can get back to being able to use remanufactured cartridges.

If you have not yet been affected, you can prevent such issues from occurring by not accepting automatic firmware updates (and not manually updating your firmware either if prompted to do so). Check your printer guide on how to OPT OUT of automatic updates. 

Such automatic updates are often presented by Epson as improvements to your printer/software, but they are also used by Epson to block you from using 3rd party cartridges.

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